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  Blogger Blog does not support categories but has only comes with labels, In this tutorial  i will show you how to manually create categories in Blogger blog. Category is a very important section of any blog or website, because with the help of categories people can easily find what they are looking for. Now we would manually create category section in blogger from labels, This tutorial is aimed at beginner bloggers, Let me explain how to add category section in blogger blog.

The first and easiest way to create categories section in Blogger is to rename the section of labels widget as categories. Of-course this is not the appropriate solution for a blog in which there are huge number of labels. An easy way round this problem is create a separate categories section.

 How To Add Categories Section on Blog?
1. First of all you have to decide how you want to group your articles, according to the labels applied, and what group heading you want to give to each grouping of articles.

2Navigate individual page of the label for first category which you want to use by clicking on the label in side bar. Copy URL address of this page. For example the URL address of the label of Blogger Widget on my site is :

 3. Now go to Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > Link List


4. Enter "Categories" as the title

5. In the Configure Link List dialog box, paste the link of the label you've copied from the address bar to  Site URL
Info:Title your Categories section, 
Second Box:It is a limiter set your limit if want or not so leave blank
i hope you understand ,after past your label url in [new site URL] box click add link 
That`s All Enjoy

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