" });

Add Facebook Pop Up Like Box

 Facebook World Largest Social Networking site every person in the world want fans on her/his page and also twitter so for more social widget click here this pop up widget will help you to make more fans and very simple to add Okey! follow the below steps

Add Widget On Blogger Blog
Dashboard >> Layout
click Add a Gadged
find HTML/JavaScript
past the below code and save Done!


replace the below url with your Facebook page URL


Google Search Box In Blogger

Search Box is always better option to find something on blog/web etc... and this search box develop By Google and it`s so cool widget i already add in my blog well let`s start

Adding Google Search Box In Blogger!
. Go to Google Custom Search Remember You have Logged Your Google Account Then you will do the next step know click Add
. (Sites to search)add your blog/web URL
. Select your Blog/Web .. language
. Title Of your Blog/Web
If you want *(click Advanced Options)*
. Add your Blog/Web URL
Know Copy the code as showing select code in below picture


5 Social Floting Widget

  1.) J-Query/JavaScript Widget.
  2.) Slide-Out On Hover.
  3.) Awesome And Stylish.
  4.) Facebook Like Box Included.
  5.) Twitter Followers Box Included.
  6.) YouTube Subscribe Box Included.
  7.) Google Plus Add To Circle Widget Included.
  8.) FeedBurner RSS Subscribe Through E-Mail Widget Included.
  9.) Sliding Effect Enabled.
  10.) Slide Out On Hove And Get Back On Mouse Out.

Step1. Adding Code
copy the below and past in your Blog/Web etc...


Pop Up Adsense Ads Widget

Lot`s of people want more RPM from adsense and want more money i have lot`s of tips about ADSENSE well this widget will help you actually this widget In CSS and HTML form but don`t wary you just follow the below picture step

Step1. Adding Pop Up Adsense Code
.click Add a gadget
.find HTML/JavaScript(The picture below)
.Past The below the

Step2.Adding Adsense Your code
.Remove your adsense code Here
   note:you find [your adsense code Here] remove 1 to 2
.Past Your Adsense Ads Code
.click Save!



Pop Up Social Widget

This is another Social widget and i hope you like in this widget you don`t need to add any code in your Template just past the below code in [Html & Javascript]

Step 1.
Copy The Below Code

Step 2.
Follow The Step
And past the code
Congratulation! You`re Done


Facebook Profle Widget

Hello guys this Is saqib ahmed and today i have 1 Awesome Social Widget actually this widget by Facebook Developer and Facebook Provide Cool 4 Widget this image proved by FaceBook and it will automatic update when i update my Profile :)

Step 1.
Facebook Babges
.   Profile Badges
Photo Badges
.   Like Badges
Page Badges
If you want get Any Below Badges just click on it

Step 1. Adding FaceBook Badges
.  Choose method Where to want to Add 
(if you want get badges html code) just click +Other 
.  Copy Below Code
. past your profile badges code 



Hover Rotating image Social Icons

Hello friends I`m Back with new Social Sharing rotating image it`s all about Hover when curse on image the image will Rotate 360 Degree it`s a cool Widget and very helpful way to your visitors want contact well anyway let`s create Your own

How To Add New Social Rotating Image?

Step 1: Adding CSS code
 1. Blogger >> Template
 2.Backup your template if want 
 3.Past the below code before ]]></b:skin>  & Save

Step 2: Adding Class in Images
 1.Make new post and add or upload any image in post
 2.Click Html

Just Add Class="rotate"
Congratulation! You`re Done