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“The LEGITIMATE means to earn from your computer’s idle time”
logo2What we do:
Here at Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, we purchase unused/under-utilized/idle computer processing power. We pay our providers (you) a fair price, then we re-package and sell it at a profit. 100% OF OUR ANNUAL PROFITS are distributed to our Members, which includes all Division Account Managers. It is our goal to distribute the ownership of Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, equally, to ANY Member who wishes to invest time, money, and energy into this endeavor. This is not altruism – this is fair compensation for hard work, planning, and execution.
What you do:
You EARN MONEY by simply downloading our Process Software, then leaving your computer on. That’s it. No purchase is necessary at all for you to earn money. Simply Register (below), and download the process software. That’s it.
Of course, you can easily multiply your earnings if you wish, although doing so is not required. You may build a referral list (you make % of referral’s earnings), you may upgrade your membership, you may build (or buy) a downline, you may install more computers, etc. The possibilities – and the earning potential – are endless. What you earn is completely up to you!
Mission statement:
To provide a viable, desirable, and reputable service at a competitive price, while at the same time fairly compensating all contributing Members
“Authenticity & Accountability Thru Transparency”
earningsProcessorYou never have to invest a penny to make money at Idle Processor Utilization Services. When it is released, simply download the small Processor application, let it run in the background, and use your computer as you normally would. You will never know it is there, unless you want to view it to see what your pay rate is, information on your referrals/downline are, etc. You never have to do a thing if you do not want to, and you will still earn money.
But there is a higher level available; a Division Account Manager. Let’s compare the earnings possibilities of both Standard and Division Accounts:
Say you are a Standard Member, and you invite 10 members. Each of those invites 10 members, and each of THOSE invite 10 each, and so on, down 4 levels. Let’s also say everyone with the Processor Software installed is earning $1 per day each from their computer..
  • As a Standard member, you would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn5% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 5% = .50),), so .50 cents You would earn 1% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 1% = $1) or $1 You would not earn at any further levels down, But still, $2.50 per day, DOING NOTHING. Not too bad at all.
Take the same number of members involved, but with you being a Division Account Manager:
  • You would earn your $1 for your machine. You also earn 10% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 10% = $1), so $1. You would earn 5% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 5% = $5) or $5. You would earn 1% on the next level (1000 machines @ $1 = $1000 X 1% = $10) or $10.That adds up to $17 PER DAY as aDivision Manager!There will only ever be 1000 Division Managers, and +/- 550 of those spots are already claimed.
Additional benefits from being a Division Account Manager:
  1. Ownership of IPU Services – Ownership of the company is equally divided between all of the Division Managers – they are all part-owners, and all get a cut. Bottom line? The earnings potential is 10X or more than that of a Standard Membership.
  2. Immediate Downline – We will immediately assign ten members underneath you upon becoming a Division Manager, and you receive these plus any members THEY get, etc.
  3. Employment Opportunities – We always have employment opportunities, but they are only available to Division Account Managers. Right now, in fact, we are looking for a Forum Master, and a sales leads Auction Site Manager. We have already hired the Ticket System Manager and the LiveHelp Coordinator.
  4. Free Webhosting – We supply you with a sub-page on www.ipuservices.com to promote yourself, promote IPU Services, and to help build your downline.
As for added responsibilities, well, you are not OBLIGATED to do anything additional, but it is suggested that you use our management software, which allows you to communicate with your downline. They can communicate with you and vice versa, as you should be their “leader” if you will. You would act as their representative.
Visit this page from time to time to know more news and updates about IPUServices!
software_dev_medContrary to popular belief, the processing software we created is working flawlessly and is complete.  We had every intention far a full launch DAYS ago, but we have run into an issue that we hope you can understand -
When any software is downloaded from the internet, your computer examines it to determine who created it.  This is called a “Digital Signature”  As we did not have a “Digital Signature”, the publisher shows as “Unknown”  This, and the fact that the software was downloaded from the internet made every Virus Alarm go off.
Norton-360-ScansLast week we allowed people access to download the software, and EVERY instance set off Virus alarms.  Our software is not, and does not contain viruses.
On contacting both Symantec and Norton, we were told is was simply an “unknown file” threat setting off the alarms.  A digital signature will negate this problem.
When you are a valid company releasing valid software such as ours, obtaining a Digital Signature is easy – is is simply a matter of proving who and where you are, and proving that you are a valid company.  We have hired the services of COMODO to provide our digital certificate for our software.  We at this point are simply waiting for them to finish validations, they then give us a certificate, and we can all download the software easily
This letter should have been written earlier, and this situation should have been explained.  I personally apologize for not advising of this sooner.  We cannot foresee this taking more than another 48 hours.
In the meantime…
Our Financial Statements are up – Check them out online!
We accept Credit Cards directly now.
REFERRAL SALE – We will lower the price to $3 per referral until all supplies are gone, in appreciation of your patience.
Good things take time. Thanks for your patience.

earn-monyFor those that have been patient, your patience is about to pay off – Software will becomes ACTIVE and START EARNING on or aroundNovember 10th. Finally, we will be out of BETA. For those that have stuck with us during this necessary ramp-up, we thank you. You may request payouts from any one of our payment processors – you may use a different one each payout if you wish
Look above (and on your userpanel) – we have many people with money in their account that have not yet requested payouts.  Please do so if you wish.
NOTICE - The VERY MOMENT this software goes live/starts earning, the Prices for Division Accounts will increase to $250, and Regional Accounts will increase to $150.  Standard will always remain free.  If you were considering upgrading, now is the time.
An amazing fact for us, there have been close to $100,000 in earnings so far, and we have yet to start our main business. Congratulations to you all that took advantage of upgrading referrals.
Thank you, as always.  We’re almost there.

Here we are – The final version before we all start earning.  This format is for the most part final.  It IS BETA for as long as it takes for everyone – you – to point out errors & changes needed.
You must read thru this entire email before taking any action on your computer.  Read all of it, twice if you have to, before making changes to your computer.
  1. Use windows option to remove current version of our software from your computer.  Remove shortcuts, etc.  Remove very 1st version (an exe) if you have it installed.
  2. Re-Boot the machine – all the way off & on again
  3. Software will be ready for download within 18 hours –www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php.  Download and install it.  Choose to start Process. (DO NOT contact us saying it is not available – simply try again later)
  4. You will be presented with a login screen – Username and Password.  You should only have to enter this one time, and never again.  Do this, then hit ‘enter’
  5. Congratulations!  You are in!
  6. First Tab – Specifications – this is all the information regarding your computer.  The earnings potential of your machine is largely based on the data found on this screen
  7. Second Tab – Earning Potential – you will see two graphs.  The first displays the % of time that your computer was turned on in the previous 24 hours.  The second graph displays the % of idle time your computer had over the previous 24 hours.Power Matrix Rating – this is a number between 0 and 100, 0 being a rock, 100 being a bank of Cray Supercomputers.  This number is determined by the overall power of your machine.Maximum Possible Earnings On This Machine – If left on and idle 24 hours a day, this is what your computer would earn.PLEASE NOTE – It will take 24 hours for the software to determine a 24 hour average.  Figures will adjust over the first 24 hours that the software is installed.  DO NOT contact us regarding figures shown in the software until after 24 hours have passed
  8. Third Tab – Your Performance – average Daily Earnings (Yourself) -  an average of the past 7 days, taking into consideration your Power Matrix, Idle Time, and On Time.Average Daily Earnings (With Downline) – an average of the past 7 days, taking into consideration your Power Matrix, Idle Time, On Time, your membership status, and all of your downline’s Average Daily Earnings.
    (Note – This is why you should be buying, stealing, begging for every possible referral you can at this point – your earnings with referrals is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than if you go it alone)MAXIMUM Daily Earnings for You With All Referrals – What you would earn, daily, if you and your entire downline were on and idle 24/7.Total Earnings – Right now, this will show what you have earned by referrals and upgrades.  Once this software leaves BETA stage, your daily earnings will also be added here.My Downline – How many referrals you have on all levels.
  9. Fourth Tab – Account – currently shows your personal data, and gives you the choice to NOT automatically start with Windows.  Default is that the software starts with Windows
Previous suggestions we are NOT implementing at this time:
  1. A sliding scale, dictating how much of the computer power to use.  ‘Idle Computer’ – our software will use as much as needed as long as your system is idle.  Our software IMMEDIATELY shuts down if you start to use your computer
  2. Resize window – no, just minimize it.
Do not run on VPS, VPN, Virtual Machine or Proxy.  It may start.  It may run.  It may show earnings.  You will never be paid.
Remember – One Computer, One Install. Contrary to what may have previously been advised, YOU WILL NEED DIFFERENT ACCOUNT FOR EACH COMPUTER.
The VERY MOMENT this software goes live/starts earning, the Price for Division Accounts will increase to $250, and Regional Accounts will increase to $150.  Standard will always remain free.
Once this is working flawlessly, with the help of your suggestions, we go live, and we all make money.



  GreenDot MoneyPak, Money Order. Min pay out is $ 50.