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» » » Bring Facebook Like/Dislike From Social To Real World

Finally, you can get a dislike button which allows you to stamps upon stuffs that you really dislike.Facebook will never Provide the dislike button simply because these people hate the concept of disliking things, so atleast you will get a dislike or like button on a rubberized stamps set, just for entertaining.


For example you don't like your Friends high marks in the exam so you can stamp it as dislike in his paper.

Like that you can make stamp on papers,pictures,on some ones face,like a tattoo,or in your wall,in your bike,car,in your computer, laptop skins,status etc. you don't like/dislike using the seal of approval stamp

                                Like this in your girl friends face

So how much it cost to buy?
        EBay-US $12.95

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